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Cloud computing is essential to the success of businesses. It improves communication with both internal and external stakeholders. It is not a technology that can be set-up and ignored. It needs intentional design in both the set-up and run time. At iPolarity, we alleviate many of the common sticking points when working with cloud computing.


 When all of your resources live in the cloud, you need a dedicated team to manage access and moderation of these systems. We provide virtualization of the cloud environment which empowers your team with access to the cloud environment, anywhere and anytime.


The data that you generate is invaluable. It could include client confidential information or proprietary technology reports. Large amounts of data need to be managed and hosted within the cloud environment. Let us worry about managing your data centers so that when you need the data it is there and secure.


A prime example of a vertical cloud computing technology, Salesforce, exists to better serve your customer relationship management needs. Salesforce dramatically changed the customer relationship management model, but it still needs a dedicated technology team to maximize software potential. We can handle all of your Salesforce needs including consulting, development, and architecture of the software.


We excel at helping you with your staffing needs with a comprehensive approach including staff augmentation, direct hire, pay rolling, and job transitions and hiring. We hire the top account managers and service delivery teams to help you conduct staffing screening and onboarding as well as external stakeholder management. Supported by top technology and the ability to turn business objectives into technical solutions, our team will help you build your highest performing teams.


Technological developments in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are threatening to completely revolutionize multiple areas of the economy, propelling towards a digital economy. Our expert processes and frameworks mean that you are working towards a better tomorrow, bracing up from threats of digital economy. Out IT solutions are as broad as the industries that we work with.


Natural language processing (NLP) is a solution that iPolarity is poised to deliver. Our team has deep expertise to build modern day and technologically advanced Chatbots with features such as autonomous reasoning, self-learning, deep machine learning, and acting as an internal search engine. We build NLP with advanced machine learning concepts. Deploying and designing an NLP by iPolarity will ensure automation, process efficiency, cost optimization while addressing your top line business objectives.


Data is only good when it is utilized for visualization & predictions. Accumulated data silos and ignored monetization data strategy is a pressing problem in the industry within every size of business. iPolarity’s data science services defines data monetization strategy and crafts data science solutions to equip your business with the right mechanism to draw conclusions and actionable steps from the data such as customer taste and preferences predictions, sentiment analysis, spending and requirement predictions. We interpret the data and draw insights for your business to use.


Machine learning holds the potential to transform and disrupt many industries. Do not let it catch you by surprise. By partnering with us, we combine our technical expertise with your business needs and build the machine learning tools/algorithms that will power you well into the future. We provide end to end solutions from consulting to development to algorithm generation.



IPolarity LLC. is a Professional Services firm composed of highly trained professionals with a wide range of experience in various industries. We provide our clients in key industry verticals with focused expertise in IT Solution, Application Development, Application Maintenance, Testing services and Systems Integration. IPolarity LLC integrates expert industry knowledge, process and technology frameworks, strong partnerships, and a reliable work force to provide strategic solutions that generate sustainable results. We are able to leverage our expertise via a flexible delivery model, which includes onsite and offsite resources.

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You don’t have time to waste. With tight deadlines and even tighter budgets, you need a cost- effective solution immediately. With iPolarity LLC, there is learning curve. Our dedicated professionals have years of projects experience and are trained to hit the road running. With our extensive reach, we possess the ability to respond instantaneously to deploy programs nation-wide.


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Easy SAS is a graphical user interface tool for SAS that is easy to use and specifically oriented towards users with little to no SAS programming experience. This tool would be of particular help to statisticians, clinicians, clinical data monitors, and data reviewers who are constantly involved in adhoc data analysis but might not receive dedicated SAS programming support. The first iteration of the application aims to bring FDA approved reporting of clinical trial data in concert with user specified data analysis in a simple and intuitive SAS add-on package.

EasySAS Website

Panorama 360

Project Panorama represents an initiative to create a cross- technology integration that will support salesforce connecting to multiple databases in real time. Using salesforce’s vastly established sales cloud, service cloud and Order Management systems– a multi layered system based in the cloud is being developed. With Promote, deals are applied the same way with the same price, regardless of the database being used.



Project Orion represents a Retail initiative to create a cross-channel technology stack that will support a more fluid and seamless integration between channel specific applications, such as an eCommerce web site and an in-store POS application Using our vast industry expertise in eCommerce, POS and Order Management, Retail has developed Promote – an omni-channel deal engine based in the cloud. With Promote, deals are applied the same way with the same price, regardless of the channel being shopped.


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